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Health & Performance


Highest quality Health performance supplements

It is extremely important that we treat the internal functions of the body with the same care as the external functions. We only provide recommendations to the best quality products and supplements we know.
All our micronutrient products are harvested from Organic farms and 3rd party, NSF certified for quality and consistency. Since we work with athletes, all our products are trusted by sport.
All health products also come with a 180 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cardiovascular Training

All programs have some form of cardiovascular training as the heart and lungs are our major source of energy and vitality.

Each cardio program is specific to the goals set by the client with their trainer and vary in Type of conditioning, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity.

While some clients jog for 5 min and do weight training in circuits, others work their way up to high levels of intense sprinting, biking or plyometrics.


Movement systems

Many people think of movements simply as muscle contractions, but in reality that is just one portion of what goes on.
Depending on your goal you may require a lot of isolated contractions for activation or it may require explosive full body movements
At Yorko Performance we integrate these different categories into a program that meets you where you are, and navigates you to achieve your goals.

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