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Who is Tyler?

Tyler Yorko - Owner & Head Trainer at Yorko Performance

Tyler played competitive baseball throughout Canada and the United States against some of the top baseball talent in North America.  He spent 2 years as an infielder at Douglas college in his first 2 college seasons before transferring to Cumberland University, an NAIA powerhouse in Tennessee. Tyler finished my college career with the  UBC Thrunderbirds where he received a First Team All-Conference award and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology.

Tyler was a work horse in College but rarely had the movement coaching to reset the movements that were required to avoid injuries. Poor movements led to imbalances and imbalances led to chronic backpain, shoulder and elbow issues. Most of the advice he got did not help.

Tyler took his passion for sport and exercise and channeled it into researching high performance habits, the success mindset, and injury prevention.

Tyler now works to assess each client with Functional Movements Screens (FMS), muscle activation tests and movement analysis. 

He believes if movement literacy comes first, you will drastically decrease injuries and increase your potenital abilities.​

"When somebody builds their capacity before they learn the proper technique, they will practice poor movements, develop imbalances and suffer from chronic pain or a traumatic injury in the future. That's just what happens when you outbuild your foundation, something will crumble."

Who is Tyler?: About
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