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High Performance Programs

Online Coaching & 1-on-1 Training

We provide Online Coaching for individuals, and teams, striving to be their best. We start by focussing on weak areas and building a strong foundation.This ensures we increase your potential ceiling and are in a position to achieve your goals safely and efficiently. 


 Yorko Performance is where you go to commit to the changes you know you need to make and learn how to move your body the way it is designed to move. 

When you build these habits, success can't help but follow you to achieving your goals


Please explore the programs we offer below, and click to book in your consultation.

Limited Time Custom 
1-on-1 High Performance Coaching

Your Goals - Worked into Your Schedule - With the Guidance & coaching You need.

Video Technique review

Video Call Assessment

Weekly Video Call

Nutrition Plan & Coaching

Exclusive All Access

T-shirt / Swag

Starting at $60 per week


Custom Team or Group program & Coaching

Team / Group of 12-20+

Your Goals, Worked into team’s Schedule

Video Technique review

Weekly group Video Call

Nutrition Plan & guidance

Exclusive All Access

T-shirt / Swag

Starting at $20 per individual


Functional Development Program

Move Better Than ever & Feel Great

Does sitting Play a big role in your life? 
No matter what we do, our bodies are being trained to become better at it.
Therefore those who say they are "untrained" are actually "poorly trained" into poor posture which leads to lack of muscle activation and lack of mobility in some key areas.

Areas of focus:
Hip, T-spine & Shoulder Mobility
Core Stability & Glute Activation
Improved Posture 
Reduced pain &/or risk of injury
Improved strength & endurance
Build lasting habits
Supportive community group

Start with a 10 Day Free Trial!

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